Penguin Dictionary of Psychology (4th edition)
by Arthur S Reber, Rhianon Allen and Emily S Reber (Penguin Group 2009) ISBN 978 0 141 03024 1

This is a dictionary I frequently find myself dipping into.  It offers fuller explanations than a regular Oxford English dictionary, for those times when a more detailed word or phrase meaning is needed but not the full understanding of an in-depth article.  This dictionary is a great ‘half-way house’.

It covers most of the terms I look up but occasionally I find something missing and I would like to see it expanded in the future.  Nevertheless this dictionary provides some excellent definitions that will help any student with their studies or professional, and I highly recommend it has a place on your bookshelf.  I wouldn’t be without my copy!

Review by Kate Mallatratt, Ad Dip CBM, PPG, Member of ICB