The Human Half of Dog Training
Risë Van Fleet   (Dogwise  Publishing 2013) ISBN 978 1 6178 103 6

Although this book has ‘Training’ rather than ‘Behaviour’ in the title, it is extremely beneficial to anyone working with clients, in whatever field.  Risë Van Fleet  clearly explains the many barriers that are put up by owners, whether intentionally or not.

She addresses some important questions: Can you get all the family members on board to help the dog? Do any of the family members have their own set ways of working with the dog? Have they been influenced by TV celebrities? (That would make me a heart surgeon as I have watched every episode of a long running hospital series!) Are you seeing no improvement each time you return? There could be personal issues which are overriding the work you have advised and Risë will cover a vast range of reasons for a client’s resistance or training delays.

How to work with children, adolescents, different personalities from the very shy to the downright rude is discussed.  Could these personalities and traits be hiding something else, say a lack of confidence – do they secretly feel a failure with their dog?  Risë will explain the value of patience, empathy and a good listening ear.

A most valuable book for your library and one you will pick up frequently.

Review by Angela Pitman MAPDT, MIACE, Member of ICB