Living with a Reactive dog.

presented by Maxwell Muir

Date to be confirmed

Unfortunately we have had to reschedule this webinar due to adverse weather conditions affecting Maxwells internet. We will keep you posted of the new date.

Living with a reactive dog can be incredibly stressful for everybody. In this webinar Maxwell Muir will discuss the following:

  • What is a reactive dog?
  • Exploring the stress of fear
  • Understanding the physiology of fear
  • Living with reactivity & how it changes you
  • How memory and past experiences work in your brain
  • Changing belief – the 1st step
  • Mental preparation & daily planning

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About the presenter

Maxwell Muir has lectured internationally on dog behaviour and is a full member of APDT and registered dog trainer with ABTC. He is the MD of Action 4 Dogs and he is dedicated to providing coaching and education in the field of dog behaviour and training.

Maxwell is trained to a high standard as a certified dog trainer working with owners and students professionally for the last 15 years. His passion lies in the personal training and coaching area where he trains and coaches his clients to achieve the results they desire by working closely with them on a private one to one basis.

He also hosts and presents his popular educational seminars, webinars and workshops throughout the country on a rich variety of canine related topics

A good deal of Maxwell’s time is devoted to working with rescue dogs and he is a proud sponsor of  Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland Scio where he has enjoyed a successful close working relationship with founder Carolyne Poulton BEM. His work includes the assessment and rehabilitation of dogs in need of being rescued, training and behaviour, and training and re-homing support for owners when the dogs eventually find their new homes.

Maxwell also offers mentoring programmes where students gain hands on practical experience working closely with him on a one to one coaching basis. Students gain insight into enhancing their observation skills, reading canine body language, learning techniques, training methods and principles, as well as practical training and handling skills.

Maxwell has spent his entire life in the company of dogs. In that time he has been guided by a deep desire to grow his knowledge of dogs while creating a better world for them by employing a natural and humane approach using training methods that are both kind and respectful. His relationship with dogs and the training methods used are motivated by a deep love for the animal.


APDT Full Member certified dog trainer

ABTC Registered dog trainer

Compass Education & Training College of Canine Studies

Specialities: Coaching, mentoring, workshops, public speaking

Media: Canine consultant on ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs

Published articles Edinburgh Life Magazine

Interviews: Dog cast radio and Black Diamond FM formerly presenting a weekly discussion on living harmoniously with our dogs.