Emotional support for older dogs

Presented by Sian Ryan


Webinar Cost £15 (£10 for ICB members)

It’s a privilege to share our lives with an older dog. As they age their needs change and they may need additional support from us to maintain their quality of life and keep their mental, emotional, and physical flexibility as long as possible. This webinar will discuss possible changes, give ideas for how to ensure the life of an older dog is as fulfilling as it can be, and also consider the emotional support we as owners may need as we face the end stages of the too short lives of our canine friends. The webinar will cover
  • What are the needs of your older dog?
  • How are their physical, mental and emotional capabilities changing?
  • Changing relationships and how to maintain wellbeing.
  • Practical ideas for activities for older dogs.

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About the presenter

Sian gained her MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln with distinction in 2011. Whilst finishing her dissertation on Self Control in Pet Dogs she worked as a behaviour counsellor and trainer in the Lincoln Animal Behaviour Clinic and went on to work as a researcher looking at novel ways of measuring emotions in dogs in 2012. With several years of dog training experience, Sian was the first course tutor for Life Skills for Puppies training classes and helped create and develop the course, as well as tutoring on the Life Skills for Puppies Trainers Courses offered by the University of Lincoln. Sian has been featured in all the daily national newspapers and on local and national radio as a dog training expert, and her book No Walks? No Worries! (with co-author Helen Zulch and photographer Peter Baumber) was published in October 2014. Sian has also appeared as an animal training and behaviour expert for various BBC programmes including Me and My Dog (2017), Bang Goes the Theory (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7Rl55wdMr8) and was consulted during the making of Inside the Animal Mind with Chris Packham. Her next book, Older Dog? No Worries! will be published by Hubble & Hattie in 2019.

Sian owns and runs the Developing Dogs Training Centre and Holiday Cottages in Cambridgeshire, as well as giving seminars and workshops across the country. Her speciality is pet dogs, developing interactions which enable dogs and owners to make the most of their unique relationship.