Presented by Hannah Molloy

Sunday 24th May 2020 19.00 – 20.00 (BST)


Webinar cost is £15.00


‘Force Free’: Future or Fashion?

More and more trainers and behaviourists are using the ‘force free’ label to describe their training ethic and techniques. This webinar will discuss the benefits and limitations of a force free training style, discuss the controversial question ‘when is force necessary’ and ask how can we apply force free training ethics to the human learner in a multi disciplinary training world.

The changing culture of training

‘Morality’ as a motivator

Cost benefit analysis and human behaviour

When is force necessary?

Changing human behaviour

Force free human training


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About the presenter

Hannah Molloy is a qualified animal behaviour specialist that has became intrigued with human trends in the world of dog behaviour and training after graduating with an honorary bachelor of science degree in Animal Behaviour in 2008. She had her dissertation published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Sciences and went on to work as a zoo keeper, a training and behaviour advisor for Dogs Trust, and runs a successful non profit education and training company Pawfect Dogsense CIC in the West Midlands. A passionate and engaging speaker she was awarded best presentation at the first international animal training conference for her talk on canine body language in 2012 and went on to become one of the 3 training experts on Channel 4’s latest dog training programme ‘Puppy School’ in 2019.

Currently writing a book with DK, advising the NHS on child dog bite prevention schemes and working with Just For Pets to engage the next generation in animal training via pet shop education programmes.