Communicating with your stimulated dog

Presented by Craig Ogilvie


Cost £15  (£10 for ICB Members)

In this webinar Craig will focus on: Overcoming a wide range of problematic behaviours that occur during heightened levels of arousal, by using an adaptive blue print to target the causes of the behaviours. Using motivational techniques and positive reinforcement to learn how to communicate with your dog during aroused periods. Learning how to gain stimulated focus from your dog and how to avoid over arousal Finding you and your dogs stimulated balance. This webinar is suitable for competitive sport handlers, professionals  and pet owners.

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About the Presenter

Craig is uniquely qualified in the U.K as the only person to achieve a Mondioring decoys license and has travelled all over Europe with his sport testing and training dogs from all over the world. It was on this journey that he discovered the Interactive Gold Dust and used motivation, stimulation and focus to create the Interactive Play Experience and has been helping dogs and people ever since. He instructs and delivers training for a wide variety of organization’s including the U.K Police, U.K Military, pet dog societies, and Dog sport societies, he is also the  author of the Interactive Play Guide and completely in love with helping dogs and people. Travelling all over the country delivering seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements helping to motivate dog lovers and their dogs from all backgrounds to achieve their goals.