Presented by

Danielle Beck

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Both ends of the lead – helping the lead reactive dog

In this webinar Danielle will talk about

A guide to the causes and motivations of dogs that are reactive on lead

How to know what’s causing the reactivity

A look at some case studies of lead reactive dogs

Some practical advise to make living with a reactive dog easier

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About the presenter

Danielle is a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC and a full member of the APBC. She has a BSc in zoology and a PGDip/MSc in companion animal behaviour counseling; where her thesis focused on stress. Danielle has worked with animals within zoos, safari parks, dog training centres and kennels for  19 years and has been seeing clients for behaviours problems for 10 years. She lives with a 14 year old Husky x Malamute, a 2 year old Mini American shepherd and her 7 year old son.