Ethological Contributions to ‘behaviour problems’ in dogs Webinar


Presented by Kim Brophey

Sunday 27th November 2022 19.00 – 20.00

Webinar Cost £15.00

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About this webinar

Ethological Contributions to “Behavior Problems” in Dogs – Kim Brophey

Ethically and effectively working cases as a canine behavior professional requires us to perform both
initial and ongoing comprehensive analysis of all contributing elements to a dog’s behavior. Participants
will be introduced to Kim Brophey’s widely celebrated and endorsed L.E.G.S.® system of Applied
Ethology as a simple and practical framework for doing so – bridging multiple scientific disciplines and
delivering new depths of understanding by organizing the critical components of all animal behavior.
Learn how to identify, understand, and integrate the full scope of potential factors influencing behavior
Learned, Environmental, Genetic, and unique internal conditions of the individual animal’s own Self –
in order to prevent misunderstandings and incorrect assessment of cases, obstacles to the progress of
behavior modification, inadequate safety and management provisions, and even life-threatening
circumstances for both animals and people.

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About the Presenter

Kim Brophey, CDBC, CPDT-KA, FDM, is an applied ethologist and owner of The Dog Door Behavior
Center in Asheville, NC. Kim’s commitment to Family Dog Mediation® has been recognized
internationally, awarded the APDT Outstanding Trainer of the Year in 2009 and the Best Dog Trainer of
WNC seven years in a row. She is a member of the International Society for Applied Ethology and the
Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and a certified member and past board member of the
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Kim Brophey’s Dog L.E.G.S.® model of
comprehensive canine science has been endorsed by prominent canine scientists such as Raymond
Coppinger and embraced by reputable dog trainers worldwide. From her applied ethology content in
Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course to her highly anticipated, market-disrupting
Applied Ethology & Family Dog Mediation® Course, Kim’s work is a celebrated contribution to the field.
Her groundbreaking book, MEET YOUR DOG, TED talk, and Beyond The Operant (BTO) collaborative
have made profound waves and become favorites among both dog professionals and the public. Kim
continues to build bridges and invite others to contribute to a new conversation about dogs- one that
challenges us to redefine how we perceive, talk about, and treat our canine companions as a society

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