Psychoactive Medication – Why, What & How webinar


Presented by Sophie White BVetMed MSc MRCVS

Recording Cost £15.00

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About this webinar

In this webinar Sophie White discusses:

  • Why might we need medication & what are our treatment goals
  • How can we help support the veterinary team to select the most appropriate drug
  • What psychoactive medications are licensed in in the UK
  • Situational vs Long Term medications
  • Main drug classes
  • Common side effects
  • Deciding when & how to wean off medication


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About the Presenter

Sophie White BVetMed MSc MRCVS 

  • Graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011
  • Worked in small animal general practice with a keen interest in pain management & behaviour
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour with distinction from University of Lincoln in 2019
  • Spent a year working in a kennel environment at Dogs Trust as a Training & Behaviour Advisor
  • Run my own veterinary behaviour referral service. Providing support to owners and their pets, as well as professional development for vets and behaviourists.
  • Find me at and on Instagram @veterinary_behaviour_support