ICB Members by name

ICB Members by name

Name Email Address Website / FB page Full / Affiliate ICAN Number Areas covered
Brigitte Barton b.barton@btinternet.com Full 201 Staffordshire, Northern parts of West Midlands, Shropshire
Rachel Peake rpeake40@gmail.com Full 202 Staffordshire and Derbyshire
Angela Pitman angelapitman@outlook.com www.fidodogtraining.co.uk Full 203 Cheshire/Wirral/North Wales
Sue Lefevre suelefevre@hotmail.com suelefevredogbehaviourist Full 204 Kent
Gillian Maxwell  BVMS, MRCVS dave.baindream@Hotmail.co.uk Full 205
Adele Buxton www.adelebuxton.co.uk Full 207 Derbyshire and Stockport
Nikki Caddick nikki@trainedtopawfection.co.uk www.trainedtopawfection.co.uk Full 208 Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Lincolnshire and Lancashire
Lyn Fleet lynfleet@msn.com www.lynfleet.com Full 210 Merseyside
Mair Franklin SeekaK9Massage@outlook.com seekak9massage.co.uk Full 212 Birmingham and West Midlands
Lorraine Godfrey info@onallfoursbt.co.uk www.onallfoursbt.co.uk Full 213 Kent
Dimosthenis Moumiadis info@kynagon.gr www.kynagon.gr Full 214 Greece
Carri Robinson carrimrobinson@gmail.com wildheartdogs Full 215 Australia
David Svennelid info@swedishdogacademy.com www.swedishdogacademy.com Full 216 Sweden
Torianne Elizabeth Ganino Trainer@callingalldogsny.com www.CallingAllDogsNY.com Full 217 USA
Rich Allen wagstorichstraining@gmail.com wagstorichstraining Full 218 USA
Helen Green info@wellbeing4woofs.co.uk http://www.wellbeing4woofs.co.uk Full 219 Preston, South Ribble, West Lancs and Chorley
Koula Papadopoulou info@kynagon.gr www.kynagon.gr Full 220 Greece
Susanne Broughton enquiries@doghmapton.co.uk https://www.doghampton.co.uk/ Full 221 Northampton and Warwickshire
Victoria Cooper admin@victoria-cooper.co.uk victoria-cooper.co.uk Full 223 Sheffield, N.E Derbyshire & Chesterfield, yorkshire
Sharon Harris pawscontroldogtraining@gmail.com pawscontroldogtraining.co.uk Full 224 Devon
Yukiyo Cabrini Dog_behaviourist@yahoo.co.jp http://www.dbca.jp/ Full 225 Japan
Rachael Clift Rachael@aveleypetservices.co.uk www.aveleypetservices.co.uk Affiliate 226 Essex, London, Kent
Daniel DeConinck daniel@ddeconinck. be Full 227 Belgium
Christopher Formosa chrisss1982@gmail.com school4pawsmalta Full 228 Malta
Clare Grierson clare.grierson@hotmail.com www.muddymutleys.com Full 229 North London/ Herfordshire/ Essex/ Middlesex
Kim Kaye kim@nosey-barker.co.uk www.nosey-barker.co.uk Full 230 Essex
Sarah Masters simply.paws@yahoo.co.uk simplypaws.weebly.com Full 231 Ipswich (15 mile radius) East Suffolk
Sammie Luffman samanthaluffman@yahoo.co.uk https://samanthaluffman.wixsite.com/samanthaluffmancanin Affiliate 232 Fareham, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth
Paula O Sullivan enquiries@walkiesandwaggietails.co.uk www.walkiesandwaggietails.co.uk Full 233 Richmond Borough and cover Kew, Richmond, Twickenham, Barnes, Sheen, Mortlake, Chiswick and Isleworth.
Greta Inglis greta_inglis@yahoo.co.uk www:gretainglisbehaviourandtraining.com Full 234 South East London
Jackie Murphy info@specialistdogtraining.co.uk www.specialistdogtraining.co.uk Full 236 Kent, Essex, Surrey, South East & South London
Mary Howat k9intuitionworks@gmail.com www.k9intuition.works Full 237 Angus and Perthshire, Scotland
Deb Bennison deb.bennison@gmail.com www.new-tricks.net Full 238 Oxfordshire - Abingdon, Wantage and Didcot
Gabrielle Dunne doggyeducation@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/doggyeducation Full 240 CoTyrone, Co Derry, Co Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland and Donegal (ROI)
Jayde Davey thatdogenquiries@gmail.com https://www.thatdog.org/ Affiliate 241 Wrexham
Maddie Hartley northpawsleeds@gmail.com https://www.northpawsleeds.com/ Affiliate 242 Leeds, West Yorkshire

Jackie Murphy

Jackie Murphy

Full Member

Areas covered: Kent, Essex, Surrey, South East & South London

Telephone: 07939755872

Email: info@specialistdogtraining.co.uk    Website: www.specialistdogtraining.co.uk

Facebook Page: Specialist dog training

Areas of special interest: Puppies, Working dogs (eg, German Shepherds, Beagles, etc), Elderly Dogs, Canine fitness (getting dogs back to health and exercise).

Types of classes: Group training and life skills classes (mixed abilities and ages)/  Group fun agility and Canine fitness/ Workshops on loose lead training/ Recall.

Plus: Non-dog events such as good manners in the park and canine communication.

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Is my dog talking to me?

By Dimosthenis Moumiadis and Koula Papadopoulou


Communication is important to all living organisms. Either they live on earth, or fly in the air , or live in the waters, they have developed communication patterns that enable them to promote their survival. They send information to members of their species or counterparts and also receive information from others.Members of the same species communicate their intentions towards other members, they give clear information about their own identity and information about the surrounding environment that is of a great value from a survival point of view. Information can be conveyed as visual, tactile, vocal and olfactory signals. For us humans, things are more different when it comes to how we communicate our feelings, our needs and our emotions. We have developed a unique ability to “speak” and express all these and far more complex emotions. So if the question for many dog owners is “ Is my dog talking to me?” then the answer is Yes. Our dog is definitely talking to us in every possible way. He communicates his enthusiasm, his happiness, his anxiety, his displeasure, his anger, his fear. He is using his body posture, and his senses to explain to us what is wrong and what is confusing him. But can we listen? So for us trainers the question is “Can you understand what your dog is telling you?” A misunderstanding in communication can easily lead our dog to fearful or even aggressive behaviours. A common example of this is our need to express our love towards our dog by holding him into our arms. An insecure dog may signal his displeasure by turning his head away, by performing a quick licking and maybe by even growling. Many owners may keep on doing it. By ignoring our dog and the way he “talks” to us we may face another more tense growl or even a bite, the relationship is then shattered.Calling our dog to “come” on a walk, may sometimes mean that the dog will not come right back to us, this may involve a cautious approach as there are other dogs present, the dog may start slowing down to become more friendly towards the other dogs and then when the situation is relaxed he will come to us. Many see this as disobedience and start yelling to their dog or even punish him. How unfair is this!!!! Dogs avoid conflicts, they need to relax the environment and solve the dispute. In that way they ensure their survival. We have to learn how to observe the behaviours of our dogs and how to see these behaviours as a way of communication. Co existing with dogs and being able to exchange information with each other is not only important, in many cases it is seen as a magical ability, but if we listen then a whole new world opens up in front of our eyes.