Emotional Regulation in Dogs webinar

Presented by Emma Lee


Recording Cost £15.00

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About this webinar

In this webinar Emma Lee discusses:

  • The dog as a social and cognitive being: why regulation is important in social relationships, in forming attachments, in learning how to interact positively and productively with others, in making friends and in forming effective relationships
  • Regulation is taught not caught: the developmental processes of regulatory skills in puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age
  • Development of different regulatory skills in dogs: cognitive processing, coping strategies for frustration, managing stress, coping skills, focus, resilience, tenacity and perseverance
  • Dysregulation: the problems that may occur when dogs struggle to manage their emotions from frustration to anxiety and aggression
  • Regulation is not a synonym for manners: why self- and co-regulation are more than just learning to be still or calm
  • Co-regulation: the importance of social support in canine development


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About the Presenter

Emma Lee

Emma Lee spent six years as a trustee in one of France’s large animal shelters. She now specialises in canine aggression and maladaptive behaviours in her work in a larger network of associations and shelters, working with clients across Europe. She is also a tutor for The DoGenius Institute, as well as running specialist courses for guardians and trainers.


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