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You can purchase  recordings of all our  webinars. Once you have paid, YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO A PAGE WITH THE RECORDING LINK AND HANDOUT SO YOU CAN GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS, PLEASE SAVE THE PAGE URL / LINKS AS THEY WILL NO LONGER BE EMAILED OUT. All recordings remain the property of the ICB and must not be shared without permission from ICB.


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Webinar Recordings 

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What Makes Dogs Itch? An Owner’s Manual

Presented ByNick ThompsonBSc (Hons) Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS Webinar Recording Cost £15.00 About the WebinarHow many thousand things make our dogs itch?Actually, you can boil down most dogs to only three things:- Parasites,...

Rescuing Dogs From Other Countries

Presented byHannah MolloyWebinar Recording is £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)Journey with Hannah as we deep dive into the complex area of adopting rescue dogs from abroad.During this webinar we will explore- The rescuers heart: the desires and...

Probiotics for Behavioural Health

Presented ByDr Jess HekmanWebinar recording cost is £15.00Probiotics are starting to be recommended by veterinarians to help manage behavioral issues in dogs, either as support in addition to behavioral medication or just on their own. Are they actually...

Do I need two hats?

What a vet and behaviourist would like you to know about neutering dogs Presented by Amber Batson Webinar recording cost is £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)Please note that the recording will only be available until 20/6/2022 which is 12 months...

Anxiety: The Whole Story

Presented by Dr Jessica Hekman Webinar Recording Cost £15.00 (Recording is free for ICB members) Anxiety: The Whole Story: Genetic influence on behavior is not like an on-off switch - it is more like a chaotic weather system with lots of little pushes There are breed...

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