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Recordings are available on this page  after the live event and can be purchased at any time before or after the webinar date. When you purchase a webinar you are also purchasing the recording. You can also access our blog and scroll through all the detail for past webinars and purchase the recordings.

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Learned Helplessness and Control

Presented by Kristina N. SpauldingSunday 19th December 2021 19.00 - 20.00 (GMT)Webinar Cost £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)About this webinarThis webinar will explore;​​​​​​​What is learned helplessness?What causes learned helplessness?How long...

Harness your Hunter through Predation Substitute Training

Presented by Simone MuellerSunday 23rd January 2022  19.00 - 20.00Webinar Cost £15.00 About the WebinarHarness your Hunter through Predation Substitute TrainingConventional training protocols stifle the dog’s natural predatory behaviours through punishing...

You Wanna Fight?! Dog to Dog Aggression

Presented by Michael Shikashio CDBC  Sunday 13th March 2022  19.00 - 20.00 Webinar Cost £15.00 “You Wanna Fight?! Dog to Dog Aggression”With Michael Shikashio CDBCAggression expert Michael Shikashio will present behavior change plans for working with...

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