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Webinar recordings provide continued education for our members, other professionals and are open to pets owners. Webinars are available to ICB members at reduced cost.

Shaping for Fearful dogs

Presented by Nina BondarenkoWebinar Recording Cost £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)About this webinarMany people are rescuing dogs from other countries and trying to rehabilitate them into very different life situations and conditions. However,...

Reiki Healing: What is it and how can it help

Presented by Vibeke Francis    Webinar recording cost is £15.00REIKI HEALING: What is it and how can it helpIn this webinar Vibeke will talk about* What is Reiki* History of Reiki* How does it work* What Reiki can help with* What happens in a healing...

Anxiety: The Whole Story

Presented by Dr Jessica Hekman Sunday 13th December 2020 19.00 - 20.00 (GMT) Webinar Cost £15.00 (Recording is free for ICB members) Anxiety: The Whole Story: Genetic influence on behavior is not like an on-off switch - it is more like a chaotic weather system with...

Do I need two hats?

What a vet and behaviourist would like you to know about neutering dogs Presented by Amber BatsonSunday 20th June 2021 19.00 – 21.00 (BST)Webinar cost is £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)ICB is incredibly excited to have Amber Batson presenting her...

What is Mantrailing and can it help modify behaviour?

Presented by Lisa GorenfloSunday 19th September 2021 19.00 - 20.00 (BST)Webinar Cost £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)About this webinarThis presentation is geared to introduce Mantrailing as a dog sport. It will talk about our methods to teach it,...

Learned Helplessness and Control

Presented by Kristina N. SpauldingSunday 19th December 2021 19.00 - 20.00 (GMT)Webinar Cost £15.00(Recording is free for ICB members)About this webinarThis webinar will explore;​​​​​​​What is learned helplessness?What causes learned helplessness?How long...

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