UK Dog Behaviour And Training Charter Group

We are excited to announce that we are joining 6 other leading organisations to form a new industry body – the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter Group. Over the past year we have all been working to find a way of collaboratively addressing the growing demands for more industry led accountability and regulation in the UK dog training industry. ICB along with VSPDT, INTODogs, PPG, IMDT, CAPBT and UKSCD we have made a commitment to deliver a positive, fresh vision for the future of the industry. This is based on transparent self-regulation, focussing on ways to promote the best standards of welfare, professional conduct, and accountability.

Fundamental to this is an agreement by all organisations to follow a common set of codes held within a central Charter. An announcement will be made in a few weeks on the Charter itself, and what it means for our members, the public and other official bodies.

All the Charter Group organisations believe that standards are best promoted through ethics, competency to do the job and most importantly accountability. To enable that accountability, the Charter Group has agreed to form an independent oversight committee which will ensure the best governance of the Charter and it’s guiding principles.

On the 8th June the Charter itself will be announced along with what this means for members of signatory organisations, its aims moving forward and importantly the new assurances it affords the public and other official bodies. Uniting all the Charter Group organisations is a determination to draw a definitive red lines regarding accepted tools and methodologies and commit to a clear high standard of professional conduct that we should all be held to. There are currently 4 other large organisations working to come and join this progressive movement for change and we look forward to welcoming them to the Charter Group soon. At this time of many challenges for the industry, we are so pleased to be part of such an exciting and visionary project that we are sure will make such a positive change for the future. This collaboration of organisations really does give us much to celebrate today. We can’t wait until the 8th June to unveil the Charter and start working on promoting the best of what our industry can be, the professionalism of our members and most importantly providing accountability to the public and other bodies.

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